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Bart DePalma is a solo country attorney practicing in the mountain town of Woodland Park, CO. Bart publishes the Citizen Pamphleteer blog and his new book Never Allow A Crisis To Go To Waste: Barack Obama and the Evolution of American Socialism was released December 2011.

Headline Of The Day

Kudos to the article editor for using the correct term for this long debunked hypothesis – “global warming” – instead of the current misleading spin phrase “climate change.” Hat tip to Gateway Pundit for the screen shot.

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Latest Dispatches From The Front Lines of Global Cooling

From the New York Post: According to NASA satellites and all ground-based temperature measurements, global warming ceased in the late 1990s. This when CO2 levels have risen almost 10 percent since 1997. The post-1997 CO2 emissions represent an astonishing 30 … Continue reading

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The Wave Is Rising

Chart of the Week: Every single poll over the past week has shown the undecided on the question of who you prefer to run Congress have broken to the GOP. Two items. First, these are national polls. The Senate election … Continue reading

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One-Third Of American Workers Are Temps

The Wall Street Journal reports: Fifty-three million Americans, or 34% of the nation’s workforce, qualify as freelancers, according to a new report from the Freelancers Union, a nonprofit organization, and Elance-oDesk Inc., a company that provides platforms for freelancers to … Continue reading

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Nate Silver Catches The Wave

Nate Silver’s 2014 Senate election model is up and it projects the GOP has a 65% chance of getting the half dozen seats it needs for a Senate majority and a 25% chance of double digit gains: [T]rying to defend … Continue reading

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Another Tsunami Election

Tsunamis are tidal waves that travel unseen underwater until they rise up suddenly on the shoreline. Tsunami wave elections do not show themselves until the fall before the wipeout of the governing party. 2010 was a tsunami election. 2014 appears … Continue reading

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OK, Maybe Some People Should Not Be Permitted To Carry Firearms

My father taught my brother, sister and I how to use firearms when we were kids. I always thought of firearms as pretty simple tools that any halfway competent human being could master. Then I came across this video: Good Heavens!

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