Aetna Enters The Obamacare Death Spiral


Back in November 2015, United Heath Care announced it suffered half billion dollars in losses selling government designed health insurance on the Obamacare exchanges and threatened to pull out. Now, after losing $100 million last year on 750,000 Obamacare dependents, Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini warned: “we continue to have serious concerns about the sustainability of the public exchanges.”

Investors Business Daily explains the problems:

Turns out that not only is ObamaCare failing to attract enough young and healthy, it has also encouraged others to game the system by waiting until they get sick to sign up for coverage, outside the three-month open enrollment window.

Aetna and UnitedHealth say that these people use more health care than those who sign during open enrollment and in many cases drop coverage once their medical bills get paid.

This, by the way, is precisely what ObamaCare critics predicted would happen. Guaranteeing insurance coverage to everyone, no matter how sick, and charging those with preexisting illnesses artificially low rates, provides an enormous incentive to cheat. States that had tried these reforms ended up creating premium “death spirals” and wrecking their individual markets.

Told you so. Now what are we going to do about it?

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How Humans Warm The Atmosphere

The manmade global warming theory postulates that human emissions of CO2 are retaining more solar energy and warming the atmosphere. In fact, it appears that the only way humans are warming the atmosphere is by moving urban sprawl and all of its artificial heat next to weather stations.


Dr. John Christy and Anthony Watts examined the U.S. weather stations the government uses to measure atmospheric temperature and found most of the 1,218 thermometers were located near artificial surfaces and heat sources like concrete, asphalt, and air conditioner exhausts and these thermometers showed more warming than thermometers which were well-sited away from human activity.

Christy and Watts suspect that NOAA’s statistical manipulations of the raw temperatures taken from these thermometers adjust the well-sited measurements upward to match those in cities to create the false impression of general atmospheric warming.

Congress needs to compel NOAA, NASA and GISS to release all of their data, model code, documents and correspondence for public examination.

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How Cruz Cruised Through Iowa

Texas Senator Ted Cruz learned his politics from Reagan, but designed his presidential campaign organization like Obama. Someone on the GOP side gets a clue and enters the 21st century.

Bloomberg news takes the time to talk to Team Cruz and describes how their high tech, volunteer driven campaign organization took the Iowa caucuses.

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Cruz Scores An Iowa Hat Trick

While Trump is engaged in a food fight with the Democrat media over Muslim immigration, Ted Cruz is quietly building a coalition to win the Iowa caucuses in a few weeks.


Cruz just pulled off a political hat trick in Iowa. After winning the endorsements of Representative Steve King and influential radio host Steve Deace. Cruz bagged the nod of the biggest GOP kingmaker in Iowa – evangelical leader Bob Vander Plaats.

“At the end of the day, we truly believe that Ted Cruz is the most consistent and principled conservative who has the ability to not only win Iowa but I believe to win the (Republican) nomination,” Bob Vander Plaats, the president of the Family Leader, told The Des Moines Register in an interview Wednesday.

Candidates Vander Plaats endorses have always won Iowa because Christian conservatives dominate these caucuses.

UPDATE: The Obama campaign sees Ted Cruz as the GOP nominee and has unleashed its trolls of personal destruction to take him out.

UPDATE TWO: Ted Cruz jumped out to a big lead in the Des Moines Register poll of likely Iowa GOP caucus-goers following the Vander Plaats endorsement.

UPDATE THREE: …and jumped up 12 points right behind Trump in the NBC polling of registered (not likely) GOP voters.

UPDATE FOUR: Ted Cruz speaking to Breitbart on how he plans to win Iowa:

“We just opened this week in Iowa ‘Camp Cruz,’ a college dormitory that we’ve rented with 48 beds,” Cruz said. “We have over 500 volunteers that have signed up to be there every day from now until the Iowa caucus in Camp Cruz to knock on doors, to trudge through the Iowa snow, to turn out the grassroots. That is a very different campaign philosophy from the New York-based media philosophy, to count on the support of the big money Washington elites and media commentators who are pushing your campaign.”

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Terrorism And Ted Cruz

Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s strategy entering the 2016 presidential race was to run as the demonstrated anti-establishment candidate based on his long record taking on the GOP establishment in the Senate. However, two non-politicians – real estate magnate Donald Trump and surgeon Ben Carson – flanked Cruz and took the early support of the anti-establishment vote.

Cruz has waiting for voter infatuation with Trump and Carson to fade due to their inexperience and ignorance about many substantive issues. That patience may be paying off. It appears that the reemergence of terrorism as a top political issue and Ben Carson’s cluelessness concerning foreign policy are shifting Carson voters to Ted Cruz in Iowa and maybe nationally.

Ted Cruz

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, speaks to local residents during a fundraising picnic for the Iowa Republican Party, Friday, July 19, 2013, in Des Moines, Iowa. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)

Keep an eye on Iowa for further movement over the next few weeks.

Only the most dedicated voters generally show up at the Hawkeye state caucuses in the dead of winter and Cruz has been assiduously courting these hardcore voters and the GOP leaders they respect. Iowa GOP Representative Steve King and influential radio host Steve Deace have already endorsed Cruz and the Texas Senator appears to a be a favorite of Iowa GOP kingmaker, Bob Vander Plaats. If he secures all three endorsements, Cruz could pull off the upset in Iowa.

UPDATE: On the left, even MSNBC is beginning to take notice.

UPDATE TWO: As of November 24, Cruz is tied with Trump in the new Quinnipiac polling. ABC reports:

Last month at an old-fashioned soda counter in Sidney, Iowa, the senator was greeted by a Vietnam veteran who told him, “I voted for Obama for change. Now all I got is change. That’s why I am voting for you.”

UPDATE THREE: Popularity draws media coverage. Yahoo News offers this lengthy biography of Cruz.


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How Not To Fight The War With Islamic Fascism

Stephen Hayes and Thomas Jocelyn of the Weekly Standard offered a lengthy and detailed indictment of how the Obama administration systematically ignored reality and is losing the war with Islamic fascism. One of the more damning passages describes how President-elect Obama blithely dismissed his Iraq commander, General Petreaus’s intelligence briefing concerning al Qaeda in Iraq:

Four months before he was elected president, Obama traveled to Iraq for briefings on the war he had long opposed. He met with General David Petraeus, who was then seeking to consolidate U.S. and coalition gains resulting from the surge in American forces and the Anbar Awakening. When Petraeus insisted that Iraq, not Afghanistan, was the central front in the war against al Qaeda, Obama challenged him, arguing that Al Qaeda in Iraq—the organization that would grow to become ISIS—had little ambition or reach beyond Iraq.

According to an account of the meeting in The Endgame: The Inside Story of the Struggle for Iraq, from George W. Bush to Barack Obama, by New York Times correspondent Michael Gordon and General Bernard E. Trainor, Obama questioned “whether al Qaeda in Iraq presented a threat to the United States.” He said: “If AQI has morphed into a kind of mafia then they are not going to be blowing up buildings.” Petraeus pointed to an attempted attack in Glasgow, Scotland, in 2007, as an example of AQI’s reach and expressed concern about “the potential of AQI to expand its influence to Syria and Lebanon.” Obama was unmoved. “The al Qaeda leadership is not here in Iraq. They are there,” Obama said, pointing to Pakistan on a map.

It was an instructive exchange. Obama, a first-term senator with no experience in military or intelligence matters, challenged the general who had beaten back a jihadist insurgency in Iraq, led a remarkable turnaround in the country, and was a leading figure in America’s broader war on terror. The assessments Petraeus offered were based on years of personal experience guiding U.S. troops against jihadist armies generally, and Al Qaeda in Iraq specifically, and they were bolstered by mountains of intelligence reporting on the enemy, its objectives, and its practices.

Obama simply thought he knew better. His challenge wasn’t based on facts that contradicted Petraeus, or on facts at all. Rather, Obama made a series of assertions based on nothing more than his long-held conviction that Iraq was a distraction from the war on terror. And when he was presented with evidence that contradicted his thesis, Obama simply set it aside and restated his own view. It’s a pattern that would play out repeatedly throughout his presidency.

Read the entire essay and shake your head.

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Believe It Or Not – The Muslim Extremist Edition

You will not believe who the Democrats have enlisted to defend their politically correct refusal to use the term “Muslim” to describe Muslim terrorist groups…George W. Bush!

The DNC actually spent money producing this commercial starring Dubya:

I seem to recall that, not so long ago, these same Democrats were comparing Dubya to Hitler.

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