Citizen Clinton Throws Her Hat In The Ring

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Useful Fool


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Did Hillary Clinton Hide Classified Information From Congress By Giving It To Our Enemies?

Congress’s Benghazi Select Committee has discovered that Hillary Clinton, while serving as Secretary of State, declined to use the State Department’s secured email, apparently to avoid regulations preserving those emails for requests by Congress and Freedom of Information Act requests by the public. Instead, Clinton used at least two email accounts operated by a private company.

In her efforts to avoid accountability to her own government, Mrs. Clinton instead very likely committed several thousand felony crimes by providing classified materials to a private third party, which were hacked by at least one foreigner and very likely by our nation’s enemies.


Providing classified materials (the emails themselves containing classified information) and storing them at an unauthorized location (the email provider’s servers) violates 18 U.S.C. §1924, which states in pertinent part:

(a) Whoever, being an officer, employee, contractor, or consultant of the United States, and, by virtue of his office, employment, position, or contract, becomes possessed of documents or materials containing classified information of the United States, knowingly removes such documents or materials without authority and with the intent to retain such documents or materials at an unauthorized location shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for not more than one year, or both.

Each such email is a felony crime punishable by up to one year in prison.

What makes this worse is that Clinton blew off State Department IT warnings against using private email.

At least one Romanian hacker has already broken into and published materials from Clinton’s private email accounts. I suspect the Russians, Chinese, Iranians and heaven knows who else have also trolled through the server as well.

The Benghazi Committee will be calling Clinton to the stand under oath over the next several months. Is the assumed Democrat nominee for president going to take the fifth with an attorney by her side?

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Yes, It Can Happen Here

In 1935, Sinclair Lewis noted the rise of Adolph Hitler in Germany and penned a novel entitled It Can’t Happen Here describing an alternate America where the president becomes a fascist dictator.


Fast forward to the present.

Ramussen’s recent polling found that a plurality of Democrats have no real problem with their president exercising dictatorial powers:

43% of Democrats believe the president should have the right to ignore the courts. Only 35% of voters in President Obama’s party disagree, compared to 81% of Republicans and 67% of voters not affiliated with either major party.

Fifty-two percent (52%) of all voters believe, generally speaking, that court challenges of actions approved by the president and Congress help protect the rights of U.S. citizens. Thirty percent (30%), however, consider such challenges mostly nuisances that stand in the way of good policy. Eighteen percent (18%) are not sure.

Thirty-one percent (31%) think it is more important for government to operate efficiently than it is to preserve our system of checks and balances.

It is useful to remember that only 36.8% of German voters cast ballots for Adolph Hitler during the 1932 elections.

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In An Alternate Universe Far Far Away

Way cool!

Make it so.

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Its Only Your Money – Part Two

Last fall, I noted that Obamacare was massively over-budget and was taking an insane $15,971 from the taxpayers for each person gaining insurance.

Today, Bloomberg news is reporting that Obamacare booster Kaiser Family Foundation has discovered that the government designed insurance we are subsidizing is junk and charges far more out-of-pocket deductibles and co-pays than comparable employer group insurance. The following Bloomberg charts compare the government designed Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum plans on the left with employer group health insurance on the right:





What is happening here is that Obamacare mandated that the exchange policies provide nearly every coverage know to man from covering adult children to alcohol rehabilitation. The Obamacare architects also wanted to keep premiums relatively low to make the insurance appear to be affordable. Because the premiums were not nearly enough to pay for the mandated coverages, our government planners had to jack up deductibles and co-payments so the insured could not afford to actually use the mandated coverages.

This is generally known as bait and switch and is illegal in most states as consumer fraud. However, consumer fraud laws do not apply to our government.

In a nutshell, taxpayers are spending a fortune to pay people to buy insurance they cannot use.

Ain’t socialism grand?

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No Taxation Without Representation?


One of the prime reasons for America’s decision to leave the British Empire and form its own nation was Parliament’s imposition of taxes and spending on the colonies without allowing the American people representation in Parliament.

Today, we have a president abusing an unelected bureaucracy to rewrite laws of Congress to impose spending for which those of us who still pay taxes will be responsible.

After the voters fired his Congress in 2014, President Obama decreed that he would no longer enforce immigration law against up to 5 million illegal aliens and would instead issue them work papers, Social Security cards and other benefits in direct violation of the laws of Congress.

Now, IRS Commissioner John Koskine has decreed that he will make EITC payments to these newly amnestied illegal aliens, both when they file tax forms in future years and for past years of work when they were here illegally and did not file tax forms.

I expect our budding bureaucratic dictatorship will next grant illegal aliens the full array of welfare state benefits, and perhaps even the right to vote.

No taxation without representation?

UPDATE: The Washington Times describes how Mr. Obama’s illegal amnesty opens the door for non-citizens to vote:

President Obama’s temporary deportation amnesty will make it easier for illegal immigrants to improperly register and vote in elections, state elections officials testified to Congress on Thursday, saying that the driver’s licenses and Social Security numbers they will be granted create a major voting loophole.

While stressing that it remains illegal for noncitizens to vote, secretaries of state from Ohio and Kansas said they won’t have the tools to sniff out illegal immigrants who register anyway, ignoring stiff penalties to fill out the registration forms that are easily available at shopping malls, motor vehicle bureaus and in curbside registration drives.

As I noted before the 2014 election, millions of illegal aliens are already registering to vote.

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