Diluting the Vote

In the federal case, Evenwel v. Abbott, Texas voters challenged their state’s apportionment plan for the House of Representatives. After every decennial census, each state legislature divides their population relatively evenly into districts. The question before the courts is who counts as a “person” for apportionment.

The Supreme Court decision in Reynolds v. Sims created the “one person, one vote” rule forbidding states from forming districts with different populations, reasoning that such schemes violate the Equal Protection Clause by diluting the effectiveness of votes cast in high population districts. The Texas voters cite Reynolds to argue that Texas apportionment scheme unconstitutionally dilutes their votes by counting foreign aliens and children who are not eligible to vote as “people” for apportionment purposes.

Let me illustrate this argument with a hypothetical to avoid confusion.

Imagine that a state has a total population of 6 million, 3 million of whom are adult citizens eligible to vote, while 2 million are children and 1 million are foreign aliens who are not eligible to vote.

Now imagine that the state counted the total population – voters and non-voters alike – for apportionment and divided them into six districts of one million apiece. Districts one and two each have 300,000 voters, 200,000 children and 500,000 foreign aliens; while districts three through six have 600,000 voters, 400,000 children and no foreign aliens.

The Texas voters are arguing that such an apportionment system dilutes the votes of districts three through six because their 600,000 votes are electing the same one representative as the 300,000 votes in districts one and two. To remedy this inequity, the Texas voters argue that only adult citizens eligible to vote should be counted for apportionment purposes so each district will have the same number of possible voters.

Yesterday, the Supreme Court accepted the Texas case for review this fall or winter.

SCOTUS takes Evenwel v. Abbott

SCOTUS takes Evenwel v. Abbott

Like almost everything to do with voting rights, the Supreme Court’s decision will have a serious political impact.

Under the current system of counting both voters and non-voters for apportionment, Hispanic and Asian districts with low numbers of voters and high numbers of foreign aliens tend to vote Democrat, allowing the Democrats to leverage those smaller number of votes into a larger number of seats in the House of Representatives. If the Supreme Court rules in favor of the Texas voters and requires that apportionment be based on eligible voters, well over a dozen house seats would move from Mexican border states and large blue cities to the red interior of the country, theoretically adding to the current GOP House super majority.

Expect a Democrat media firestorm over this case in a few months once the politcial implications of the Texas claim begin to sink in.

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Bob Woodward Tells The Truth About Iraq

Democrat heads explode across country.

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UPDATE: Democrats have been working assiduously to blame the ISIS invasion of Iraq during the Obama administration on the decision of George W. Bush, with the authorization of a bipartisan super majority of Congress including then Senator Hillary Clinton, to liberate Iraq back in 2003.

Here is the reality.

Bush’s Surge routed al Qeada in Iraq and won the Iraq War back in 2008.

In a 2011 speech to the paratroopers at Ft. Bragg, Obama declared the Iraq War a success and patted himself on the back for withdrawing the American troops which maintained the Iraqi military:

We knew this day would come. We’ve known it for some time. But still there is something profound about the end of a war that has lasted so long. It’s harder to end a war than begin one. Everything that American troops have done in Iraq – all the fighting, all the dying, the bleeding and the building and the training and the partnering, all of it has landed to this moment of success.

A year later, al Qeada in Iraq reconstituted itself in Syria as ISIS and re-invaded Iraq in 2013. The Iraqi military which Obama abandoned crumbled.

When ISIS conquered the Iraqi city of Fallujah, Obama blew off ISIS as a “JV team.”

After ISIS overran nearly a third of Iraq and closed on the capital of Baghdad, Obama finally ordered a military response – a completely ineffective handful of air strikes.

Even as he condemned the ISIS for murdering and raping their way across the the Middle East, Obama took the opportunity at the National Prayer Breakfast (of all events) to insist that the “Islamic State” is not Islamic and that Christians are morally comparable to these barbarians.

After ISIS conquered the Iraqi city of Ramadi a few days ago, this administration said that we should not “light our hair on fire every time there is a setback.”

Yet, this is all George Bush’s fault?



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GOP Survivor

Almost every Republican with national name recognition, and a few you may never have heard of, have announced that they want to run for president against Hillary in 2016. Understandable, but how on Earth will all these candidates fit on stage for the GOP nomination debates?


I have a solution – GOP Survivor.

After every debate, have registered GOP voters viewing the debate vote one candidate off of future debates.

I guarantee that, under this format, you can take care of the number problems and the debates will draw massively larger audiences.

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Iowa Democrats Can’t Recall Any Accomplishment Of Hillary Clinton

Maybe that is because Clinton has never accomplished anything positive.

As co-president with Bill, Hillary’s sole accomplishment was Hillarycare.

As a carpetbagger New York Senator, Hillary’s accomplishment was voting for the Iraq War before voting against it.

As Secretary of State, Hilary’s leading accomplishments were leaving Iraq and allowing al Qaeda in Iraq (renamed as ISIS) back in, then leaving the Benghazi consulate undefended so al Qaeda could sack it.

If you are a Democrat voter, I would not want to recall that resume either.

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DIA Documents Show Obama And Clinton Lied About Every Aspect Of The 9/11 Benghazi Attack

…but only Fox covers the story, while the Democrat media spikes it.

What a surprise.

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Obamacare Exchanges Sinking In Red Ink

The Obamacare architects proclaimed that their government health insurance exchanges would be self financing and hoped secretly that hidden taxes on group health insurance plans would cover the losses of insurers selling the government designed health insurance on the exchanges.

Pure wishful thinking.


About half of the state government exchanges selling Obamacare health insurance are in financial trouble. Apparently it costs a small fortune for government exchanges sign up people by telephone and then attempt to determine how much money to take from the taxpayers to pay for their health insurance. After wasting over $300 million, deep blue Oregon recently pulled the plug on its Obamacare exchange. The Obamacare SHOP exchanges for small businesses to buy government designed health insurance for their employees are also failing.

Even though premiums for the government designed health insurance policies have soared by roughly half over the premiums for pre-Obamacare individual health insurance policies, the insurers selling the new Obamacare insurance are suffering heavy losses because only the poor and sick are signing up. Our government planners actually saw this train wreck coming and hid a variety of taxes in the Obamacare legislation to bail out the insurers. However, the Obamacare bureaucracy had to illegally transfer money from other sources to cover the $1 billion in losses last year. Standard & Poors recently calculated that there simply is not enough money to continue the insurer bailouts in the future.

Ain’t socialism grand?

UPDATE: Hawaii is shutting down its massively expensive Obamacare exchange.

UPDATE TWO: With the GOP Congress stopping the Obamacare bureaucracy from making any further illegal bailouts of the government exchange insurers, the insurers are proposing to hike premiums by up to 40% in 2016.

UPDATE THREE: Meg McArdle explains why Obamacare exchange premiums are soaring:

Moreover, significant rate increases are what I would broadly expect, because these rates are the first ones set with a full year of claims data, and what we know about the pool is that it is poorer and older — which would also mean sicker — than was projected. Initially, HHS was saying that it needed about 40 percent of the exchange policies to be purchased by people age 18-35 to keep the exchanges financially stable. It was 28 percent in both 2014 and 2015, according to HHS data. The CBO had projected about 85 percent of exchange enrollees to be subsidized, falling toward 80 percent as enrollment grew; instead, that number is 87 percent and actually rose slightly from 2014. It would be pretty surprising if rates weren’t increasing faster than inflation, or even than general health care cost inflation.

Eyeing the Journal’s list, the most obvious pattern is that states are converging on a price somewhere well north of $300 a month for a 40-year-old nonsmoker seeking a Silver plan; the states with the biggest rate hikes all had premiums under $250, and are asking to be allowed to go near or over $300, while the states that asked for low increases were already over $300, and in some cases well over. (Vermont is at $430 — and asking to go to $476! “Only” an 8.4 percent increase, but wow.) It seems as if states where insurers initially underpriced are now trying to move toward a natural price somewhere between $3,600 and $5,000 a year for a single nonsmoker. If that’s the price of providing basic benefits, regulators cannot command it away by fiat; the best they can do is to force insurers out of the market.

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