It’s Looking Like Tea Time Again

NPR commissioned a bipartisan poll run by Democrat Stan Greenberg of Democracy Corps and Republican Whit Ayres of Resurgent Republic of likely voters in a dozen heartland states with competitive Senate races. The really interesting stuff is in the cross tabs showing how the Indis who will decide this election are breaking.


To start, its looking like tea time again. 45% of Indis self-identify conservative and 46% support the Tea Party movement!

Next, the Indis are angry with the Democrat Senate. Half of Indis strongly disapprove of the Democrat Senate and 31% strongly disapprove of their incumbent Senator. This does not count those who just “somewhat disapprove.”

What do they think about the GOP alternative when it comes to the two leading issues in this election – the economy and Obamacare? By a 48% to 28% margin, Indis say they trust the GOP more to handle the economy. By a 44% to 35% margin, they trust the GOP more on healthcare.

Indis loathe Obamacare. 54% strongly disapprove and another 7% somewhat disapprove. Every single Democrat incumbent facing the voters in these states voted for this train wreck.

With these numbers, it is not hyperbole to say that the GOP could nearly run the table.

The 2014 Senate election is looking a lot like the 2010 House election.


About Bart DePalma

Bart DePalma is a solo country attorney practicing in the mountain town of Woodland Park, CO. Bart publishes the Citizen Pamphleteer blog and his new book Never Allow A Crisis To Go To Waste: Barack Obama and the Evolution of American Socialism was released December 2011.
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One Response to It’s Looking Like Tea Time Again

  1. Don says:

    For the sake of this country, I sure hope and pray for change, and it’s sure not the kind that the Obomination administration is delivering, scandal after scandal after scandal.
    Hey Barrack and Holder, we’re not in Chicago anymore!!!!

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