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Bart DePalma is a solo country attorney practicing in the mountain town of Woodland Park, CO. Bart publishes the Citizen Pamphleteer blog and his new book Never Allow A Crisis To Go To Waste: Barack Obama and the Evolution of American Socialism was released December 2011.

The Heroes Of Benghazi

Where was your Secretary of State when the 3 am call arrived?

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Committing Fraud In Broad Daylight

In the good old days of Climategate, British climatologists would “hide the decline” in atmospheric temperatures by “adjusting” the data behind closed doors to support their manmade global warming claims. A decline in temperatures became a sharp increase. Today, our … Continue reading

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The End State Of The Progressive Economy

Having successfully hogtied their economy and unemployed millions of their citizens, socialist France came up with the brilliant idea of wasting taxpayer money to send their unemployed to fake businesses to pretend to work. There is no better illustration of … Continue reading

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Diluting the Vote

In the federal case, Evenwel v. Abbott, Texas voters challenged their state’s apportionment plan for the House of Representatives the Texas State Senate. After every decennial census, each state legislature divides their population relatively evenly into districts. The question before the … Continue reading

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Bob Woodward Tells The Truth About Iraq

Democrat heads explode across country.

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UPDATE: Democrats have been working assiduously to blame the ISIS invasion of Iraq during the Obama administration on the decision of George W. Bush, with the authorization of a bipartisan super majority of Congress including then Senator Hillary Clinton, to … Continue reading

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GOP Survivor

Almost every Republican with national name recognition, and a few you may never have heard of, have announced that they want to run for president against Hillary in 2016. Understandable, but how on Earth will all these candidates fit on … Continue reading

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